North End Pizza
6440 N Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 645-9006
(Durango Dr and Centennial Pkwy. Off 215 & N Durango)

North End Pizza

After reading some of the reviews on yelp about this place I was pretty excited to check it out. Although I heard about this place a while ago it's way up in North so I hadn't had a chance to make it up there. Decided to make the trek the other day. Driving 20 minutes each way does tend to setup some expectations on a place. Ordered a large cheese and large pepperoni. Walking into the place it's filled with paraphernalia associated with their home town, in this case Boston, as is typical with pizza places trying to show off their roots.

Getting into my car with the pies first thing I notice is they smell good, but not great. I take a peek in the boxes and same thing they look good but no amazing. I get home and open the boxes and take a look, my initial assessment is confirmed: they look good but not great.

Pepperoni pizza from North End Pizza

I warm the pizza in the oven a little and dig in. The slices have a nice flop

Flop of slice of pizza from North End Pizza

The pizza is good but the first thing going through my mind is disappointment because it's not great. The pizza is too saucy; like they skimped on the cheese. You can even see in the picture of the cheese pizza it looks like a sea of red.

Cheese pizza from North End Pizza

I've never ordered an extra cheese pizza but I wonder if that would make the pizza at North End better. The other thing is the crust is overly chewy.

Bottom of pizza crust from North End Pizza

Don't get me wrong the pizza is good, just not great which is unfortunate because I really wanted to like this place. If you live in the area I would check it out for sure but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here.

Slice of Vegas
Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino
3930 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 632-6470
(In walkway between Mandalay Bay and Luxor, near Burger Bar)

Slice of Vegas Pizza

Heard this place was being built a few months ago and was curious to check it out as the pizza game in Vegas keeps stepping up with new places cropping up all the time. Went there last night to see what they were doing. First difference I notice between Slice of Vegas and, say, the Secret pizza place at the Cosmopolitan, is the lack of a crowd. Granted the pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan is located above Marquee, one of the largest nightclubs in the world, whereas Slice of Vegas is located in a relatively low traffic (at least at night) link between two casinos. The pizza behind the counter looks okay and I order a couple slices of cheese and pepperoni. They don't have pepperoni pizza at the time so they "pepperonify" my pizza by adding pepperoni's to the already cooked cheese slices. A little disconcerting.

Cheese pizza from Slice of Vegas

Pepperoni pizza from Slice of Vegas

Looking at the slices I see that they are kind of stubby. They are wide and fat but not that long. Normally wouldn't care but at 4.99 for a slice of cheese I do care. For a dollar more you get an entire large cheese pizza at Jesse's pizza in Henderson. Ah strip prices...

Flop of slice of cheese pizza from Slice of Vegas

They heat my slices and I dig in. The crust is different from a lot of other places in that it's really soft. It's not a bad thing just different, actually I like the softness. It's night and day compared to the Pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan crust which at times is overly hard and crispy. The pizza tastes good but I'm not that impressed. My girlfriend on the other hand likes it a lot.

Bottom of pizza crust from Slice of Vegas

As far as casino pizza goes, Pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan and Pizzeria da Enzo are both better. If you're in the Mandalay or Luxor already you should go if you want pizza but I wouldn't make the trip out of my way to eat here. Next time I'm at at Mandalay and craving pizza I may give them a second shot.

Sunset Pizzeria
1550 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Henderson, NV 89012
(702) 897-1070
(Near Horizon Ridge Pkwy and Stephanie St)

Sunset Pizzeria Henderson

Sunset Pizzeria has a few locations. Hadn't heard much about this place but I was in the area so I decided to give it a shot. Yelpers seem to like the place. I order a large pie, half cheese and half pepperoni.

Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza from Sunset Pizzeria

Pepperoni pizza is usually my favorite a good staple, but I always like to try to have the plain cheese to really taste the quality of the plain pizza. After picking up my order I peek in the box and the pizza looks ok. Not great, but ok. Sometimes I open the box and I go "ohhh" when the pizza looks really good.

Cheese pizza from Sunset Pizzeria

Pepperoni pizza from Sunset Pizzeria

Digging in the pizza has a good taste but nothing special. It tastes like your basic neighborhood quality pizza place. The ingredients taste like quality ingredients and I'm left with a clean feeling after eating the pizza. It reminds me of Manhattan Pizza on the West Charleston. So if you're a fan of that place then you might really like this pizza.

Flop of slice of pizza from Sunset Pizzeria

Bottom of crust of pizza from Sunset Pizzeria

I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here. Sunset has competition from Metro pizza and Jesse's Pizza which are both just down the street. Metro has better pie and Jesse's has better prices so it's a bit of a tough sell for Sunset in my opinion.

Pizza Place
Wynn Hotel
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 770-3463
(Inside the Wynn Hotel)

Wynn Pizza Place

The generically named "Pizza Place" inside the Wynn is located at the end of a long hallway of high-end shopping. If you're entering the Wynn from walking on the strip at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Sands Ave (Spring Mountain Rd turns into Sands Ave at the strip) the pizza place is located to your left shortly after you enter the hotel. The location is good and bad. On the one hand I imagine they catch a lot of foot traffic from people walking the strip and being tired and hungry. On the other, it's about as far as you can get from self-parking and valet. Also they are completely missing the nighttime crowd. There is a huge mass of people on the casino floor and at the Tryst, XS and Surrender nightclubs, but because the place is so tucked away, the majority of those potential patrons probably don't even know the place exists. I think they could make a killing if they were located in a place visible to this crowd. Of course the other problem is that the place closes at 12am midnight. So club goers can't get a late night snack even if they do hunt the place down.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the decor of the place. It looks more like a fancy ice cream shop than a pizza joint. And they do sell ice cream (or gelato). They have a two slices of pizza in the display cabinet but aside from that and the name you probably wouldn't even know that it was a pizza place. The second thing I noticed when I walked in was the prices. A slice of cheese is like $5.50, with toppings more. A large pizza cost around $35. This may be the most expensive "pizza joint" in Vegas. I think to myself this pizza better be outstanding.

I order a slice of cheese and a slice of Carne pizza which has pepperoni, sausage and ham on it. After you order they give you a number placard and you seat yourself and they will bring the pizza to your table. The pizza comes out and looks decent.

Slice of cheese pizza from Pizza Place at the Wynn

Slice of carne pizza from Pizza Place at the Wynn

The flop of the slice is good but it's a little stiffer than I like, plus although you can't see it in this photo the cheese starts to separate from the crust.

Flop of slice of pepperoni pizza from Pizza Place at Wynn

Biting in the pizza is decent but not great. There's not a ton of flavor on the cheese and as a tell tale sign I put parmesan cheese and red pepper on it to give it some more taste. The crust is good:

Bottom of pizza crust from Pizza Place at the Wynn

The carne pizza has more flavor and is tastier than the cheese but nothing amazing. Apparently they also have vegan pizza (not "Las Vegan" but vegan as in no animal products). It seems Steve Wynn is or was a vegan and so every restaurant at the Wynn is required to have at least some vegan options. It's not on the normal menu so you have to ask for it.

To put it in perspective this is not as good as the pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan or Pizzeria da Enzo at the Venetian. To be fair it's possible the pizza would be better with a fresh pie rather than reheated slices, but generally at the casino's I'm ordering by the slice. Also at $35 a pizza I'm not likely to be ordering one any time soon.

Pizzeria da Enzo
The Venetian Hotel & Casino
3377 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 414-3796
(In food court next to casino floor)

Pizzeria da Enzo

Pizzeria da Enzo is located in a food court next to the casino floor of the Venetian. I get a slice of cheese and a slice of mushroom pepperoni. The pizza looks decent.

Slice of cheese pizza from Pizzeria da Enzo

Slice of pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Pizzeria da Enzo

The crust is thin with char on the bottom and has a nice flop to it.

Bottom of pizza crust from Pizzeria da Enzo

Flop of slice of pepperoni pizza from Pizzeria da Enzo

The pizza tastes good I enjoy it. It's not as good as the Pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan but it's a decent slice for a pizza shop in a casino food court. For comparison to pizza in other casinos it's better than the Pizza Place at the Wynn and way better than D'Amore's at planet Hollywood.

Jesse's Pizza
1450 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Henderson, NV 89012
(702) 898-5635
(Horizon Ridge Pkwy and Stephanie St)

Jesse's Pizza

I check out their website and see they have a special for a large cheese pizza for $5.99. Additional toppings are $1.75 each. I call to confirm and am informed that they always have this special, it's just the price of pizza. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it's an outstanding deal for a large pizza, while on the other hand I'm left wondering how good the pizza will be at Little Ceasars prices.

Jesse's pizza is located in a large-ish shopping plaza at Horizon Ridge Pkwy and Stephanie St. The plaza is never too crowded-- almost dead and Jesse's sits in the middle. Interestingly, it's in the same plaza as the Henderson Metro pizza. The storefront looks very generic, the lights of the "Jesse's" part of their sign are out so the sign just says "Pizza". Inside it's very bare bones, this is strictly a takeout/delivery place, although there is a nice patio area right next to it for outdoor seating. I get a large cheese and large pepperoni pizza.

Opening the box the pizza doesn't look bad and smells pretty good.

Pepperoni pizza from Jesse's Pizza

Cheese pizza from Jesse's Pizza

Take out a slice of cheese and it has a nice flop to it. Already it looks a lot better than Dominos or Little Ceasars. Biting into the cheese it has a good flavor. The crust is good and has a nice char to it and dusting from the oven.

Bottom of pizza crust from Jesse's Pizza

Flop of slice of pepperoni pizza from Jesse's Pizza

The pizza is good not amazing. However, given the price to taste ratio this may be the best value for pizza in all of Las Vegas. Another place that has a good value is Uncle Joe's pizza dowtown which is about $10 for a large pepperoni. The pizza is better at Uncle Joe's but it's also a bit more expensive and on the other side of town. Actually come to think of it Upper Crust pizza has large cheese also for $10 and it blows both Jesse's and Uncle Joe's out of the water. Still, at $5.99 Jesse's is a hard bargain. Probably with Metro pizza practically right next to it they're forced to differentiate themselves on price and it's a smart move.

It's definitely not the best pizza in Vegas, but if you live in the area and are looking for a great value in pizza Jesse's is your place.

Slice of Vegas
The Shoppes in Mandalay Bay
3930 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 632-6470

Slice of Vegas is a new pizza place opening up in the Mandalay Bay April 2012. They are supposed to serve New York style pizza. I'll be interested to check them out once they open. New places keep opening in Vegas and the level of pizza here just keeps getting better. Hopefully they're bringing their A-game.

International Pizza Expo
March 13-15, 2012
Las Vegas Convention Center
$199 Registration

The International Pizza Expo is coming to Las Vegas, March 13-15, 2012 (Tuesday through Thursday) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. There will be some 6000 attendees participating in pizza contests, seminars, and exhibits. Should be interesting.

Here's a couple videos from previous years:

Las Vegas International Pizza Expo! by TasteOnVegas
Tony Gemignani Keynote (Part 1) by PizzaTodayMagazine
Joe Fugere Keynote (Part 1) by PizzaTodayMagazine
Sean Brauser Keynote (Part 1) by PizzaTodayMagazine

What is it with pizza and politicians in Las Vegas this week? First we have President Obama getting multiple pies from the new pizza kid on the block, Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria Obama Opts for Small Hotel, Local Pizza on Vegas Visit. Then we have Rick Santorum visiting Manhattan Pizza and making pizzas Rick Santorum visits Manhattan Pizza (Las Vegas Sun). Finally yesterday we have Ron Paul getting lunch at California Pizza Kitchen Ron Paul stops at California Pizza Kitchen at the Fashion Show Mall for lunch in Vegas

All this within the span of a week. I guess politicians love pizza? Maybe I should be a politician...


Today, Friday, February 3, 2012, Mitt Romney is supposed to stop by Metro Pizza in Henderson Now I know something is up lol. Are they trying to win the Herman Cain pizza vote?

Upper Crust Pizza
1910 Village Center Cir Ste 6
Las Vegas, NV 89134
(702) 243-1700
(Near Summerlin Pwky & Town Center Dr)

Upper Crust Pizza Las Vegas

Upper crust pizza is located in the Vons shopping plaza near chronic tacos. As I pull in front of the store front, I see a car parked out front with several bumper stickers of Boston sports teams, which I'm guessing is the owner's car. Immediately gives me the feeling I am in the right place. Maybe this will be real East coast pizza after all. Walking inside the place is busier than any other non-restaurant pizza place I've been to off the strip. I see the slice pizza behind the glass and it looks good--I'm excited.

The woman at the counter is exasperated presumably because it's a busy night. There's a guy behind the counter whom I'm assuming is the manager/owner who seems pretty attentive to everything that's going on in the shop; he's getting dine-in customer's finished with their meals takeout boxes, opening the door for people, and just in general seems very hands-on with what's going on in the business. That's a good sign. Someone who cares. Often the problem with the chain restaurants is that the people working there, while possibly being very good workers, just aren't going to care like someone who's got their heart and soul in a business. How do you franchise heart? There are chains who do a great job such as Grimaldi's but those seem to be the exception.

Order a large cheese and large pepperoni. The pizza looks good.

Pepperoni Pizza from Upper Crust Pizza Las Vegas

Getting home I grab a slice of cheese. It's good. Really good. The sauce and cheese combine and have subtle butteriness to them that is divine. The flop of the pizza is the best out of all the pizza I've tried in Las Vegas. You hold a slice and it droops beautifully down and if you shake the slice, the tip flops back and forth like a wet noodle.

Flop of slice of pizza from Upper Crust Pizza

The pizza crust has a just the right amount of char on it:

Bottom of pizza crust from Upper Crust Pizza Las Vegas

I have a slice of pepperoni next which is also delicious. In a rare occurrence I actually enjoy the plain cheese slice more than the pepperoni. The cheese is that good that just it doesn't need anything added to it.

Cheese pizza from Upper Crust Pizza Las Vegas

Another great thing about this place is you get currently get a large cheese pizza for $10 with an online coupon on their website. This is one of my new favorites of Las Vegas and definitely some of the best pizza in Las Vegas. I'm adding it to our official list of the best pizza places in Las Vegas