ATTENTION: The Pizza Place at the Wynn Hotel closed years ago. If you’re looking for pizza, see our list of other pizza places on the Strip.

Pizza Place
Wynn Hotel
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 770-3463
(Inside the Wynn Hotel)

The generically named “Pizza Place” inside the Wynn is located at the end of a long hallway of high-end shopping. If you’re entering the Wynn from walking on the strip at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Sands Ave (Spring Mountain Rd turns into Sands Ave at the strip) the pizza place is located to your left shortly after you enter the hotel. The location is good and bad. On the one hand I imagine they catch a lot of foot traffic from people walking the strip and being tired and hungry. On the other, it’s about as far as you can get from self-parking and valet. Also they are completely missing the nighttime crowd. There is a huge mass of people on the casino floor and at the Tryst, XS and Surrender nightclubs, but because the place is so tucked away, the majority of those potential patrons probably don’t even know the place exists. I think they could make a killing if they were located in a place visible to this crowd. Of course the other problem is that the place closes at 12am midnight. So club goers can’t get a late night snack even if they do hunt the place down.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the decor of the place. It looks more like a fancy ice cream shop than a pizza joint. And they do sell ice cream (or gelato). They have a two slices of pizza in the display cabinet but aside from that and the name you probably wouldn’t even know that it was a pizza place. The second thing I noticed when I walked in was the prices. A slice of cheese is like $5.50, with toppings more. A large pizza cost around $35. This may be the most expensive “pizza joint” in Vegas. I think to myself this pizza better be outstanding.

I order a slice of cheese and a slice of Carne pizza which has pepperoni, sausage and ham on it. After you order they give you a number placard and you seat yourself and they will bring the pizza to your table. The pizza comes out and looks decent.

The flop of the slice is good but it’s a little stiffer than I like, plus although you can’t see it in this photo the cheese starts to separate from the crust.

Biting in the pizza is decent but not great. There’s not a ton of flavor on the cheese and as a tell tale sign I put parmesan cheese and red pepper on it to give it some more taste. The crust is good:

Bottom of pizza crust from Pizza Place at the Wynn

The carne pizza has more flavor and is tastier than the cheese but nothing amazing. Apparently they also have vegan pizza (not “Las Vegan” but vegan as in no animal products). It seems Steve Wynn is or was a vegan and so every restaurant at the Wynn is required to have at least some vegan options. It’s not on the normal menu so you have to ask for it.

To put it in perspective this is not as good as the pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan or Pizzeria da Enzo at the Venetian. To be fair it’s possible the pizza would be better with a fresh pie rather than reheated slices, but generally at the casino’s I’m ordering by the slice. Also at $35 a pizza I’m not likely to be ordering one any time soon.