Well this is pretty damn exciting. Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria & Bar is going to be offering a Late Night Supper which gives 50% off pizza and booze 10pm to 1am-ish every day. That's half the cost or twice the pizza depending on how you look at it. This all starts January 31, 2013.

Never go to bed hungry again!

Once again, a new pizzeria is on it's way to Las Vegas. FIVE50 will be a new pizzeria and bar opening at the Aria Resort & Casino in City Center on the Las Vegas Strip. Chef Shawn McClain is the chef behind the new restaurant. The name FIVE50 is a reference to the oven temperature for cooking pizza. For more read the story at

Will be exciting to try this one. Vegas is fast becoming a pizza destination.

Naked City Pizza Shop
Moon Doggies Bar & Grill
3240 S Arville St
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 243-6277
(Arville St & Desert Inn Rd inside Moon Doggies Bar)

Naked City Pizza Las Vegas

Finally got some pizza from here this past weekend. I'd heard about this place for a while now and more recently on TV on Food Networks Dinners, Drive-Ins, & Dives. I haven't been super motivated to try this place as I was always somewhat skeptical of a pizza place in a bar. A bar on Arville St no less. Furthermore it's Sicilian style which is not my preference as I prefer thinner crust.

Contrary to my expectation of it being a seedy place the bar has a warm comfortable atmosphere. They offer three size of pizza: Wee (1/4 sheet), Not So Wee (1/2 sheet), and Frickin' Huge (Full sheet). I order a "Not So Wee" (1/2 sheet) pepperoni pizza which seems about equivalent to a large round pizza at other pizza places. It's $13 plus $1.75 for pepperoni for the pie. The pizza is square same as the Dom DeMarco's Di Fara Special but nearly half the cost. When the pizza comes out it looks decent. I can see the pizza is light on sauce and heavy on cheese. The distribution of pepperonis looks a little sparse.

Pepperoni pizza from Naked City Pizza

I grab a piece and take a bite. The first thought that comes into mind is that it reminds me of school cafeteria pizza. It's way better than that for sure, but that's what goes through my mind. The pizza is good although to my taste it is not great. For Sicilian style the crust is not too thick, which I like, it seems thinner than the Di Fara Special at Dom DeMarco's.

Bottom of crust of pizza at Naked City Pizza

The pizza is very light on sauce. This is better than the alternative of too much sauce, but ideally it would have a touch more sauce. The pepperonis are standout, very savory and quite delicious. They taste similar to the pepperoni's at Dom DeMarco's which are also very savory.

I enjoy eating it and it has a good taste I'm just not overly impressed. I am interested to try some of their other specialty pizzas so I will probably give them another shot at some point.

According to an Eater Vegas article, Why, Yes, Dom DeMarco's Is Opening a Second Location, Says Jeff LaPour, Jeff LaPour (who, for the record, should have been a bartender rather than a restaurateur but I digress) says Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria is planning on opening a second location in the Vegas Valley in Fall 2013. The new location will be near Horizon Ridge Pkwy and Green Valley Pkwy in Henderson, NV. Just a few blocks away from both Settebello pizza and Metro Pizza. This is great news for Henderson residents because as far as I'm concerned there is a deficiency of good pizza places in Henderson.

Due Forni
3555 S Town Center Dr Ste 105
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 586-6500
(Town Center Dr & I-215)

The outside of the Due Forni looks impressive for a pizza place. They have an outdoor patio that looks like it could be nice the spring and fall. I don't care for the interior design. It feels like neo-70's cafeteria style. Not sure what they were going for there, but it's not the most comfortable layout. It's a weird mix of pretentious and cheap. The paper placemat menus add to this effect. Since they specialize in authentic Italian pizza I'd like to see an interior that transports you to Italy.

But I digress. I'm not here to evaluate the decor; what matters is the pizza. Due Forni offers two styles of crust, Neapolitan, which is soft and thin, and Roman, which is thinner with a crispier crust. I've had super thin crust pizza before with a cracker-like crust and I didn't care for it. So while I'm curious about the Roman crust I went with the Neapolitan. There is one size of pizza and it's individual 12" size.

I order a Piccante pizza which is essentially a pepperoni pizza but spicier. The menu uses a lot of Italian words so it's hard to know what is what without the waiter's assistance. My pizza has san marzano tomato, bufala mozzarella, sopressata, fresno peppers. The pizza costs $15.95 which is pricey for a personal pizza.

The pizza comes out and it looks good.

Piccante pizza at Due Forni

Flop of slice of pizza at Due Forni

Bottom of crust of pizza at Due Forni

I take a bite and it's very good. I like spicy food so the added kick complements the pepperoni well. The pizza is light and leaves you with a clean satisfied fill. Overall it reminds me of Settebello in Henderson which I also enjoy. In general I prefer NY style pizza over authentic Italian style so it's hard for me to go bananas over it, however the pizza here is delicious. I'm adding it to our list of best pizza places in Las Vegas.

Those Guys Pies
2916 Lake E Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 629-2626
(In the Lakes Town Plaza right next to Lake Sahara near GoRaw Cafe. If you didn't know already, there is a man made lake by Sahara Ave and Durango Rd)

Those Guys Pies Las Vegas

I've been interested to try this place ever since I heard it had ties with the Secret Pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan. Finally decided to try it this past weekend. Those Guys Pies was created by Roy Bass, Colin O'Leary and Sean B. Apparently Roy Bass was involved with the Pizzeria at the Cosmo. Those Guys Pies takes literally the opposite approach that Dom DeMarco's did. While Dom DeMarco's went full-on restaurant style with hostesses, plasma TV's, and a large outdoor patio, Those Guys is more the hole in the wall pizza joint. They do not have a proper sign yet, a banner hangs in it's place and I think they have one table. It's definitely a takeout or delivery only sort of place.

I order a large pepperoni pizza which costs $18. Those Guys Pies are slightly more expensive than your typical neighborhood pizza joint but they are on par with places like Biaggio's or Dom DeMarco's. I open the box and the first thing I notice is that they have the large style pepperonis similar to the Pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan, which, as good as the pizza at the Cosmo is, I found to be rather bland. My first thought is I should have ordered a different topping.

Pepperoni pizza from Those Guys Pies

I take out a slice and it has a beautiful flop. This here is folding pizza folks.

Flop of slice of pizza from Those Guys Pies

In fact even with folding, the slice still tries to take a nose dive. I take a bite and it's good. Really good. The cheese is delicious. Much to my relief the pepperonis are not bland at all but savory just like you expect them to be. The crust is good and has a great consistency. Unlike the crust at the Cosmopolitan pizzeria which can sometimes be overly crispy (although I've never orderd a full pie from the Cosmo only reheated slices so that could be it) this is soft and slightly chewy.

Bottom of crust of pizza from Those Guys Pies

Overall it's amazing pizza, some of the best I've had in Vegas. I've officially added Those Guys Pies to our list of the best pizza places in Las Vegas.

A new pizza joint recently opened in Las Vegas in late August 2012. It's called Those Guys Pies and it's located in the Lakes by Sahara and Durango.

Those Guys Pies
2916 Lake E Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 629-2626
(In the Lakes Town Plaza right next to Lake Sahara near GoRaw Cafe. If you didn't know already, there is a man made lake by Sahara Ave and Durango Rd)

It takes the place of Milanos Pizzeria II which used to be at the same location. I never tried Milanos, but Those Guys looks promising. Apparently it's run by some experienced restaurateurs one of whom had a hand in the wildly popular Hidden Pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan. That sets the bar pretty high but it would be great to not have to go to the strip get that quality of pizza. Vegas keeps upping the pizza game. So many new pizza places are cropping up; seems like there is a new one every couple months. Exciting times for pizza lovers in Las Vegas!

Pop Up Pizza
1 S Main St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 366-0049
(Main St and Freemont St. Downtown inside Plaza hotel on main casino floor)

Pop Up Pizza

There seemed to be a decent amount of buzz about this place when it first opened and I was excited to check it out. I've heard several reports that this is the best pizza in Las Vegas. Don't head downtown too often but finally decided to make the trip out there the other day. PopUp Pizza is located inside the Plaza Hotel and Casino. I'm always amazed at how packed the parking lots are for these casinos. They're definitely doing something right. Self-parking is packed on a Friday night and after paying the $5 to just get in the parking lot (which you can get a refund of with validation), I end up parking on the roof because that's all that's available.

Get into the Plaza and, well, it's the Plaza. The casino floor reminds me of a large empty warehouse where they slapped in carpet and slot machines. The place is bustling. Unlike Cosmopolitan's Secret pizza there is no hunting to find Pop Up pizza because it's right there on the casino floor. There is no separation between Pop Up pizza and the casino floor which gives it a food-courty type of feel. There's a large horse lamp thing which is pretty cool but surprisingly not turned on.

There's a crowd of people there and a line which is a good sign. The pizza on the counter looks good. I'm getting excited. Order my usual pepperoni and cheese pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza from Pop Up Pizza

Cheese Pizza from Pop Up Pizza

The pizza looks OK and the smell is nothing special.

Diving in the first thing I taste is disappointment. I was hoping that this was going to be great pizza but my tastebuds are telling me otherwise. The pizza is too saucy and the sauce almost tastes like spaghetti sauce. Also the crust is thicker than I like, although it does still manage to have a nice flop.

Pop Up Pizza Crust

Flop of slice of pizza from Pop Up Pizza

The pepperonis at least are tasty. The cheese itself is nothing special. I'm left with a bland aftertaste. Given how much other people seem to like this place I'm wondering if they were having an off night? It's possible, but part of a being a good pizzeria is consistency. I may give them a try some other time to see if my experience is any different. I am interested to try some of their more unique pizzas such as the Goodman (named after mayor Oscar Goodman). As it stands now, this does not qualify as some of the best pizza in Las Vegas. I'm bummed because I'm always looking for great pizza. If you're downtown, I'd check out Uncle Joe's Pizza which is better IMO (and cheaper).

We've added a Vegan pizza section to the site! So if you're into eating meat-free, dairy-free, etc you can now find something that fits into your diet.

The list: Vegan Pizza in Las Vegas

Metro pizza is planning to open a new location in Northwest Vegas. The new spot will be located at the corner of Cimarron Rd and Sky Pointe Dr (89131 zip code, near 95 & 215). It will be a copy of the Henderson location and the project is valued at $5.5 million and has been 5 years in the making.

It is set to open July 2012.