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The Ogden
150 Las Vegas Blvd N Ste 120
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Las Vegas Blvd & Ogden Ave
(702) 527-7717


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Officially the BEST pizza in all of Las Vegas! AND it's gluten-free!!!!!!!!
Incredible! Try the "Wild White Pizza with truffled ricotta and sauteed mushrooms"!!! To DIE for!

I can't believe I just discovered this place!
I haven't eaten pizza in I can't remember when and now I can have the tastiest pizza ever and it's gluten-free? Pinch me please.

Best gluten-free pizza I've ever had. Hands down.

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I went here today. They didn't have dough for the pizza, so I ordered bruschetta. They didn't have dough for bruschetta, so they used hamburger buns. My salad was flavorless. When I said, "Uh..." to the server after he told me about the hamburger buns, the cooks who were watching started laughing at me and said, "Make her say UUUUH." This restaurant had AWFUL food and was overpriced. I was the only person in the entire restaurant. I feel sorry for vegans who go here. Don't waste your money!

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