Verrazano Pizza

Average: 4.2 (5 votes)
Verrazano Pizza on Rainbow Blvd
4012 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Rainbow Blvd & Flamingo Rd
(702) 362-7556


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A Fav for many Years

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I tried a slice today and I thought it was
far below standards. Being from NY, I know
what good pizza is. You can't have Mexicans
hiding spices in the pie. The tomato sauce
was practically none existant. The dough
was ok. That's about the only thing they
got almost right. Someone has to get their
taste buds examined if they think this
is one of the best in the area!

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Amazing Pizza!! The reviews speak for themselves! Anyone with a good palette can appreciate amazing pizza when they taste it!

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im from ny & this is the closest thing to home

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Being from NY - and here in Vegas for 5 years i can tell you that you WILL NOT get NY pizza here. This is a very very good try though. If your aching for something very close - give it a shot. Its pretty tasty!

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