Streets of New York

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Streets of New York Pizza
5135 S Fort Apache Rd Ste 100
Las Vegas, NV 89148
Fort Apache Rd & Hacienda Ave
(702) 463-1010


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Had the opportunity to check this place out with my Peeps the Las Vegas Pizza Posse this evenin and let me just say this place is GRRREAT. Stacey and her crew took very good care of us, and if I was only rating this place on the service they'd be getting five stars, but this is about the pizza so.... Their New York combo is fantastic if you like everything on your pizza, had to be the most toppings I've seen on a pizza and the crust was delicious, baked just perfectly. I love that this place offers real smoked bacon and green olives (yes green olives). The "deelish" rating tonight went to the meatball, bacon and onion pizza. You know your having some good pizza when you've sampled five pies and are having a problem selecting the best one, when they are all just so darn good!!!!

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