Rocco's NY Pizzeria - Rainbow & 215

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6970 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Rainbow Blvd & I-215
(702) 979-9000


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This is my 2nd review ever on anything. So read up. I ordered an eggplant parm sub today, and picked up around 2:20pm, Sat., 2/16/13. The help was pleasant but they were running around like crazy. My sub was good, the bread was good, I didn't look at the sub until I got home, and the mozzarella cheese was missing. The tables were all pretty full, but everyone was just sitting around waiting for food, I only saw a few people actually eating. Now for my OWN personal opinion, I am by all mean's not predjudice....but the cooks, the guy at the register and the guy on the phone, were ALL hispanic. I understand, if the ingredients are good - anyone could put together a sub, pizza, etc. Growing up in New York in a Italian family and in a Italian neighborhood, the ROCCOS on West Charleston is MUCH MORE of a back east kind of pizza place. The help is east coast, it's mostly east coast customers. I will drive the extra miles and go to West Charleston.
The restaurant needed some kind of management, the help was bumping into each other, they were just all over the place.

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Good pizza, helpful staff. Overall a good pizza place. My wife and I order pizza there all the time for pick up, and they make a good pizza. I don't care if they are Spanish, Mexian or Italian, they are good at what they do.

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I have ordered take out food there many times. The food they prepare is delicous, authentic and very Italian. You won't be disappointed, their chefs are terrific and this is an established Italian restaurant with a very high-quality array of great Italian. Best meat balls and marinara sauce in the world.
James, Las Vegas

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