Mama Depalma's Pizza & Bistro Review

Mama Depalma's Pizza & Bistro
9845 S Maryland Pkwy Ste A
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 837-6262
(Maryland Pkwy & Silverado Ranch Blvd)

Mama Depalma's Pizza & Bistro

I order a large cheese and pepperoni pizza. The pizza doesn't look great when I open the box and it smells ok but not delicious.

Cheese pizza from Mama Depalma's

Pepperoni pizza from Mama Depalma's

The first thing I noticed biting into it is that the crust is decidedly not chewy. The crust is soft and bites break off easily without a fight. I actually like this and it's refreshing because so many places have a chewy crust (such as Those Guys Pies which I really like but can be overly chewy occasionally).

Bottom of crust of pizza from Mama Depalma's

The pepperoni is greasy how I like it and the cheese has a slight sweetness to it. It doesn't have good cheese melding with the slice. The cheese sort of sits on top of the pizza and easily separate from it. It's kind of hard to explain but good NY style pizza the cheese is almost part of the slice and not just resting on top.

Flop of slice of pizza from Mama Depalma's

I have some of the pepperoni reheated the next day and it tastes better than it did the first time around. Depalma's is not what I normally look for in good pizza nevertheless it's pleasant to eat and I enjoy eating it. I'm not putting it on our best pizza in Vegas list but if in the area it's a decent slice. I wouldn't go here with hopes of experiencing the best pizza in Vegas but if you're in the neighborhood and you just want some pizza it's a quality slice.


Think you need to take a second look, the pizza is really good here.

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