North End Pizza Review

North End Pizza
6440 N Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 645-9006
(Durango Dr and Centennial Pkwy. Off 215 & N Durango)

North End Pizza

After reading some of the reviews on yelp about this place I was pretty excited to check it out. Although I heard about this place a while ago it's way up in North so I hadn't had a chance to make it up there. Decided to make the trek the other day. Driving 20 minutes each way does tend to setup some expectations on a place. Ordered a large cheese and large pepperoni. Walking into the place it's filled with paraphernalia associated with their home town, in this case Boston, as is typical with pizza places trying to show off their roots.

Getting into my car with the pies first thing I notice is they smell good, but not great. I take a peek in the boxes and same thing they look good but no amazing. I get home and open the boxes and take a look, my initial assessment is confirmed: they look good but not great.

Pepperoni pizza from North End Pizza

I warm the pizza in the oven a little and dig in. The slices have a nice flop

Flop of slice of pizza from North End Pizza

The pizza is good but the first thing going through my mind is disappointment because it's not great. The pizza is too saucy; like they skimped on the cheese. You can even see in the picture of the cheese pizza it looks like a sea of red.

Cheese pizza from North End Pizza

I've never ordered an extra cheese pizza but I wonder if that would make the pizza at North End better. The other thing is the crust is overly chewy.

Bottom of pizza crust from North End Pizza

Don't get me wrong the pizza is good, just not great which is unfortunate because I really wanted to like this place. If you live in the area I would check it out for sure but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here.

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