Political Pizza Party

What is it with pizza and politicians in Las Vegas this week? First we have President Obama getting multiple pies from the new pizza kid on the block, Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria Obama Opts for Small Hotel, Local Pizza on Vegas Visit. Then we have Rick Santorum visiting Manhattan Pizza and making pizzas Rick Santorum visits Manhattan Pizza (Las Vegas Sun). Finally yesterday we have Ron Paul getting lunch at California Pizza Kitchen Ron Paul stops at California Pizza Kitchen at the Fashion Show Mall for lunch in Vegas

All this within the span of a week. I guess politicians love pizza? Maybe I should be a politician...


Today, Friday, February 3, 2012, Mitt Romney is supposed to stop by Metro Pizza in Henderson www.facebook.com/metropizzalasvegas/posts/10151248626705370. Now I know something is up lol. Are they trying to win the Herman Cain pizza vote?

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