Cugino's Italian Deli & Pizza Review

Cugino's Italian Deli & Pizza
4550 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 895-7561
(Maryland Pkwy & Harmon Blvd. Across from UNLV in same plaza as Chipotle)

Cugino's Italtian Deli & Pizza

I've heard people praising Cugino's so I decided to check it out (although there is another Cugino's on the West side on Vegas Dr, not sure if they're related). Cugino's is different from all the other pizza places I've been to in Vegas in that it is a Deli as well as a pizza place. Cugino's is situated across from UNLV and as such I imagine it must do pretty good business although it wasn't particularly crowded when I went. Walking in the place smells like.. cheese. Not necessarily delicious cheese from cooking pizza, but cheese from the huge slabs in the deli. The place has the feel of a small cluttered mom and pop convenience store. My first instinct it to walk out and come back another time because based on the appearance, the smell, and the lack of customers I'm wondering how good the pizza will be. I decide to check it out. Order a large cheese and pepperoni.

The pizza is ready fast in about 15 minutes or so. The pizza smells good. Opening the box it looks good too:

Large Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza from Cugino's

The slice flop:

Slice of cheese from Cugino's Pizza flopping

Biting into my first slice, my first impression is the pizza is good but not amazing. The crust is different from the last several places I've eaten at. Dom DeMarco's, Biaggio's, Familia Pizzeria and the Cosmopolitan all have a chewy crust (sometimes too chewy), while Cugino's crust almost has a crunch to it. Not like a cracker or anything but just a soft crunch. It stands out in my mind and I like it. The flavor is good and as with Familia Pizzeria I'm borderline on this one. It's good pizza and if you live in the area you should go there. I wouldn't say it's the best pizza in Vegas though. Bottom line I would say it's worth checking out.

I'm not adding it to the official list now although I might later. I want the site to be about the absolute best pizza in Las Vegas but at the same time I want to call people's attention to these good local pizza shops, like Cugino's. Also I want the list to be geographically spread out so that no matter where you live in Vegas you can find some good pie not too far away. So I'm brainstorming some different ideas of how to best achieve these two goals and hopefully will come up with something soon.


I have been to this place many times and I love it. Being from Brooklyn, NY I put this in my top five pizza places in all of Vegas.

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