Biaggio's Pizzeria Review

Biaggio's Pizzeria
4235 S Fort Apache Rd Ste 160
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 207-4992
(Fort Apache Rd and Flamingo Rd. SW corner. Off I-215 exit in Home Depot shopping plaza.)

Biaggio's has some buzz around so I figured I'd give this one a try this past weekend. First thing I notice is their website is always slow as hell for some reason so they should get that checked out. Walking into the place it's very clean. Almost too clean. Doesn't have that feel of neighborhood pizza joint. There are several booths, plasma TV's, and a glass Deli counter showcasing desserts and various entree's. That's not to say the place is swank or something; the vibe to me is sterile. Still better clean than dirty. Anyway I could care less what the place looks like if the pie is good.

Get a large pepperoni pizza to go. The pizza's more expensive here than most places: a large pepperoni (16") is $17. Some of that probably goes to their custom boxes:

Photo of pizza box from Biaggio'sPizzeria

The pizza looks and smells good.

Photo of pepperoni pizza from Biaggio'sPizzeria

The slices have the critical New York pizza flop:

Slice of pepperoni pizza with new york pizza flop from Biaggio's Pizzeria

Diving in the pizza is good. Quite good. The cheese on the pizza is good, better than Familia Pizzeria. The crust is a little overly chewy for my taste but still good. I enjoyed the pizza here and I think if you're in the area you should give Biaggio's a try. The pizza here is not as good as the pizza at the Cosmopolitan but I think it still qualifies as some of the best pizza in Las Vegas.


Now this is what pizza from New York is suppose to taste like. The owner is friendly and the flavor hits you from the moment it hits your mouth. This is great pizza.

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