Boston Pizza Review

Boston Pizza
1507 S Las Vegas Blvd (aka "The Strip")
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 385-2595
(Just north of the Stratosphere hotel next to Olympic Garden)

Been wanting to try the pizza here for a long time, but since I don't live nearby it was never really practical. Finally ordered a large cheese pizza. I had high hopes for this place. I had read some online reviews that led me to become curious about Boston Pizza. The pizza was disappointing. Not bad, but not good either. Very generic plain run of the mill pizza. Crust was thicker than I'd like and the slices don't flop downwards (like good NY style pizza) The crust area was big and there were big bubbles of crust near the edge of the pizza making the crust area even larger. Not much in the way of deliciousness here. Would not order a cheese pizza from here again. Not because it's so bad but the whole point of this site is that there's good pizza in Vegas and not to waste your time eating mediocre pizza.

On a side note, I've had their steak and cheese sub (aka Philly Cheese steak) and it's one of the best in town. They offer a couple types of cheese and I recommend getting mozzarella. Plus if you get the double they are huge. Not like other places where you're still hungry after eating their "large". In my opinion, better than Rocco's NY Pizza, Broadway, Pops, Uncle Joe's, Philly Steak Express, and Straight from Philly Steakout


This place sucks dominos is better than this crap.

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